Shared Hosting is an Affordable Website Hosting


Shared hosting is an affordable website hosting solution for small businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals on a tight budget. No matter what type of business you have – small or large or operating from the home – having a website is important for building a brand. Today, companies, brands and individuals are selling their products online and having a website is a must.

To have a website, you first need a hosting plan to make it go alive. But finding an affordable hosting plan on a limited budget can be a difficult task. Which is why hosting providers like VNET India offers shared hosting plans to meet your specific needs.

Shared hosting lets you quickly launch website without much hassle. If you are looking for an affordable web hosting plan, shared hosting is one of the best options. It is an inexpensive, easily accessible, and slightly scalable.

Before choosing this plan, it would help to know a few important details about it.

Shared Hosting – What it is?

Shared hosting is one of the most popular types of web hosting plans. It is a shared hosting environment where multiple websites will be sharing the same server as yours. You don’t have to worry though, as your website will be safe and secure without any intrusion. Your website will also be sharing the same server resources, such as memory, bandwidth, and the computing power.

Is Shared Hosting Safe Enough?

Shared hosting offers easy and affordable solution, but many have doubts whether it’s safe enough. The answer is yes. The web hosting provider is responsible for the maintenance of the servers, updates and security. They also offer 24/7 support to ensure that your website is always up and running smoothly.

Who Needs Shared Hosting Plan?

Since shared hosting plans are affordable with lowest possible price, it offers minimal features and support. Which means, you may have to upgrade as your site visitors increase over time. So, is it worth it? For small companies and individuals who don’t expect too much traffic or growth in content can choose shared hosting.

If you want to build a website for creating an online presence only without expecting much traffic then shared hosting is an extremely low-cost solution.

What are the Advantages of Using Shared Hosting Plans?

There are many advantages of using shared hosting space. Apart from being low-cost, it offers various other benefits too.

  • Extremely Affordable

Shared hosting is extremely affordable website hosting option. It can be as low as Rs.59 per month. The price differs from one web hosting company to another. Compared to other types of hosting plans, shared hosting is the least expensive one. It is perfect for small to medium size websites. Even at low cost, you will enjoy high speed server, security and 24/7 support of the staff. This much resources are enough to run a website and ensure its efficiency.

  • It is Easy to Use

Since it’s practically inexpensive hosting option, setting up a shared hosting account is easy and takes less time. In virtually no time, you will have your website up and running. It comes with minimal features and tools, which will save you time when setting up the account. You can choose the site building features and Content Management System offered by a web hosting company to build your website with ease.

  • Flexibility

Even if your website grows and exceeds the monthly traffic allowed in shared hosting, you can easily switch. Otherwise, you can still stay within the limits set by the web hosting company. The best thing about it is that you can easily upgrade as your website grows without suffering a downtime. This is the case with VNET India. You can switch plans, upgrade and add features without losing your website once the set limit is crossed. Although the features may differ from one hosting company to another. Choose wisely when you are looking for a web hosting company.

  • You don’t Need to be an Expert

If you are afraid that you will have to go through all the technical stuff then quit worrying. Because, shared hosting offers basic website creation tools to help build a website in no time.

You don’t need to be a technical expert for this. You can easily customize the website, designs and manage it without any specialized knowledge of website designing. And, if you need extra help, the support staff can help you with the site building as well as customization.

Affordable Web Hosting for Larger Sites

If your small website grows or your business grows in the future and you need more computing power, space and features, you can still do it within your budget. Today, a plethora of affordable hosting plans are available to meet your specific needs. As your website grows, you can switch the hosting plan into something more sophisticated like dedicated servers. Affordable plans are available for all types of websites – small, medium and large.

The Bottomline

If you are looking for affordable web hosting solution, shared hosting is one of the best options. It is minimalistic, inexpensive and flexible enough to accommodate your future needs. You can start building your website with shared hosting and get your site online in no time. Low-cost is one of the key features of shared hosting which makes it an extremely affordable solution.

VNET India offers a wide range of affordable hosting plans like shared hosting, reseller, VPS, and advance hosting. You can choose from our various plans as per your needs or consult our support team to find the best hosting solution. We offer fast, secure and affordable website hosting solution.

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