How To Start A Successful Reseller Hosting Business?


Do you also have a dream to start your own web hosting business? That’s amazing because not everyone fits into the frame of a 9 to 5 job. It’s okay if you also do not fit into the same. With a new business, you will be boss and have the power to control things, but responsibility stacks also go up. If you wish to start a successful reseller web hosting business, your eyes must be hunting for resources and guidance.

Reseller web hosting means buying web hosting from a company to resell/renting it to a website developer & website designer in return for profit. In simple words, Reseller hosting is similar to buying goods in bulk/ wholesale and selling it to individuals for profits. When you sell reseller hosting, everything is managed by the parent company, and you have either no or fewer responsibilities. You can sell shared as well as reseller hosting. To know reseller web hosting in detail click here(use the link of our reseller hosting blog).

Several questions like these related to web hosting have crossed your mind –

  • How To Choose Reseller Web Hosting For Running A Successful Web Hosting Business?
  • What Are the Benefits Of Using Reseller Hosting?
  • What Is The Hype Behind Popularity Of Reseller Hosting?
  • From Where To Buy Reseller Hosting?

To get answers to all such questions, stick with us till the end.

How To Choose Reseller Web Hosting For Running A Web Hosting Business?

You need to consider few points before starting a reseller web hosting venture, and they are as follows –

1- Decide Your Niche

You cannot move cluelessly and start your business randomly. In the beginning, to make money, you might get fascinated by customers from several fields. But you must focus on one industry to plan, organize and execute your business without creating difficulties for yourself.

For example – You are expertise in the travel industry so, you can pick it as your niche and become a web hosting provider for this industry.

2- Pick Your Target Audience

As you know your niche now, you can plan whom to target, like bloggers, local businesses, website developers, entrepreneurs, etc. Also, at what level you want to target & how to attract them.

After planning the target audience, you can define your short-term as well as long-term business goals. With this increase networking as well as brand awareness.

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3- Decide Your Budget 

There is no rush to invest a heavy amount in starting for web hosting business. You can start with a small investment, and as your business grows, you can entrust more. The only important thing about investing is to invest mindfully, and you will see the output.

4- Pick One Hosting Company

As you know your budget, you can look out for a web hosting provider and choose a plan which fits your budget as well as your goals.

Here are three valuable tips while choosing a web hosting company

  • Compare prices from different hosting companies of plans considering quality too.
  • Discuss with web host providers regarding necessary features to avoid cost by not buying extra features for the initial days.
  • You can check out VNET India, the leading web hosting company in India that provides affordable and reliable web hosting services.

5- Know your competitors

It means understanding the traits of competitors. Such as their promotional activities, web hosting plans, trends they are following, the target audience they are targeting, etc. It will help you to know what’s going in the market and industry.

6- Pricing 

It is also one of the essential factors that can help you beat the competitors. Set your pricing depending upon the quality of your hosting and target audience. Fix price which is not too high and not too low.

7- Customer Support

Building powerful technical customer support can take your business to the heights of the sky.

  • You can provide them better response time.
  • You can generate more contact sources such as emails, phone, Whatsapp, chatbot, etc.
  • Available for them 24×7 and resolve their issues timely.

What Are The Reason Behind Reseller Web Hosting Popularity?

  • Opportunity For Earning – The uppermost reason is the return on investment. Raising capital and funds can sound stressful while starting a business, but the case is different with reseller hosting. You can start with minimum investment and can get a maximum return in business by connecting to the right people through targeting the right market.
  • Less or No Responsibility – As you purchase web hosting from a web hosting provider company, the primary responsibility lies on them instead of you.
  • Customization – The main reason behind customers approaching you is they get a personalized web hosting plan. It is not possible to find such hosting plans with established big companies.
  • It is best for  –

Web Development/ Web Designing Institutes can buy a reseller hosting plan and give it to students instead of buying an individual shared hosting plan.

Web developers or designers can buy web hosting and give it to their clients.


A business is successful depending upon the energy you flow. As you will climb steps of success, your actions will speak. Planning to run your reseller web hosting business will give you immense challenges in the beginning. As there are several big hosting companies, established IT service companies are already there in the market. But your focus, patience, knowledge, and plan can turn everything for you. Your unique selling proposition(USP), like robust customer support, can help you build a striking business identity in the market.

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