5 Tips To Provide Constant Support To Your Customers As A Reseller Hosting Provider

Whenever we read or listen about customer support, the very first thing that comes to mind is contacting directly to the customer on call. Now the customer support is not limited to just call but there are other mediums where you can provide premium support to your customers being a reseller hosting provider.

Delivering 24/7 support might seem a difficult task to you but actually, it is not. You do not require a million-dollar budget to set up good customer support rather simple tricks, a few tools and being updated will serve your purpose well. Let us see what all can be done to be the best in providing customer support.

1 . Availability is the key: Mentioning 24/7 support is not enough, you have to be present day and night over the telephone and live chat to assist your customers. Already established resellers fulfill their promises but it can be difficult for startups.

What do to: Target the online presence of your customers and make sure to be present on call during that duration.

2 . Provide multi-lingual support: Customers like it when they are assisted in their native language. Ideally, you should have representatives in your team who can offer support in different languages to avoid miscommunication. This is not possible in reality as this will cost you extra.

What to do: Identify the popular languages of your clients and hire people accordingly.

3 . Utilize multiple channels: Clients prefer different kinds of support. Some want to talk directly over a call while some want to get their issues solved by chatting. There are some technical people also who like to solve their problems on their own.

What to do: Offer multi-channel support. Apart from on-call support, offer support on email, live chat, tickets and through the FAQ. You can publish blogs or provide links to some other website too.  

4 . Make use of chatbots: There may be times when your customer support team is not available especially when your clients are from different time zone. You can use a chatbot to assist them live during these situations. What if the issue is not solved?

What to do: Use a chatbot to collect the information about the issue and schedule a callback.

5 . Call them often: Some customers might be satisfied with your services while some might be in the queue for getting their issues solved. Thus, collecting feedback is always a good option and a way to improve.

What to do: Call your customers in a while and try to collect the information like what kind of improvements they want, etc.

Conclusion: Although you cannot keep every customer happy but it’s essential, so you have to work more on providing proactive support to your customers. Remember, happy customers will advertise your reseller hosting business letting you collect more revenue.

Provide prompt customer support and experience the difference between happy feedbacks and angry phone calls.

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