What is Mobile App Hosting ? where To Find Affordable Hosting ?

What is Mobile App Hosting ?

There is no denying that the future belongs to the Mobile application. In this market, we are here to take care of your hosting needs. Every day, thousands of new applications are coming out in the market and that’s why you need the fastest, secure, and trusted mobile hosting partner. Get the app rapidly hosted with our speed optimized server and get the expected results, 

Hosting your mobile application with our platform gives you the widest range of services. It really matters which device you or your users are using. We support everything under the sun in our mobile app hosting plans. We provide mobile app hosting servers for the fast and rapid redeployment of APIs to enhance the application acceptability. We put in place a defense mechanism for advanced application-level security with every mobile app hosting plan. 

VNET’ India reliable mobile app hosting service offers backup utility, control panel access, root access, SSL, Dedicated IP, Site management tool, Anti-virus installation, Detailed visitor log, etc mobile app hosting plan.

Services You Get In Mobile App Hosting In India

  • Data centers in India & abroad
  • Up to 99.99 percent uptime guarantee
  • Wide range of control panel access
  • Fully managed, unmanaged, or semi-managed server
  • Pay per use
  • Complete data security 
  • 10+Freebies

Why Should You Consider Mobile App Services At VNET

Free Consultancy

We understand that as a business you have to take care a lot about budget, technology, programming language, database, design, hosting service, and more. How cool is it to get all those questions answered by one of the fastest-growing web hosting company in India. We, VNET India provide a free consultation to everything related to mobile applications. Simply pick any convenient mode of communication and get in touch with us for instant help. 

Fastest Auto Scaling In The Industry

Speed is the one thing that can make or break your business. Your plan to launch a food delivery application would go into a vein if a new application is just launched in the same domain. It’s vital to run against the time as every millisecond matters online. 

Best In Class App-Ready Architecture

Whether you’re looking for social media, billing, e-commerce, an official mobile app, or in any other domain, we help in building the app with our highly trusted architecture. We undertake quick deployment, instant upgrade, and endless monitoring. You might ask, what’s the need for that. The simple answer is to deliver the best value for money, effort, and time with a spam-free mobile app hosting service

 24x 7 Server Monitoring

 We understand that “Staying online means BUSINESS”. What if your application remains inaccessible at the most productive time of the day? It’s not only the business loss, its credibility loss. Even loyal customers start looking for alternatives to slow and unreliable mobile applications. 

Flexible Payment Conditions

Do you want to avoid the extra cost of mobile app hosting? Are you tight on budget and looking for cheap mobile app hosting? Choose VNET as we bill based on Pay-per-use methods. Here you save a considerable amount that you can use for the betterment of your business somewhere else.

 Full Control Over Hosting Account

 “Control” is everything in this web hosting market. We give complete control so that the developers can work on application development with complete focus.

Looking for a mobile application development platform? Go ahead and choose a reliable mobile app hosting service with root/admin control of the server. Store applications of your choice like .NET, NodeJs, or anything else. Our servers give powerful and flexible frontend and backend support.

Widest Range Of Mobile App Hosting Plans

Once you come to us, you needn’t go anywhere else. We offer mobile app shared hosting, mobile app cloud hosting, mobile app dedicated hosting, mobile app VPS hosting, and mobile app custom hosting

Free Of Cost Database Support

It’s icing on the cake that we help in setting up and maintaining databases such as PostgreSQL, MSSQL, Oracle, or more. The expert team provides remote mobile app database hosting support to fine-tune the performance. We believe in developing long-term relationships so we do provide on-demand service in case of emergency.

We help in timely diagnosing the problems so your application keeps running.

Finest Security And Data Privacy 

Hosting is not everything, your business needs reliable and safe mobile app hosting. Data is one of the important components of the business and anyone with unauthorized access to data may dampen your dream to become Big in the market. 

Security threats are real in this world and you need to be well prepared for that. Choosing the safest mobile app hosting service solves this dilemma as we protect your data from DDoS attacks and other threats. 

Final Word

Here at VNET India, Our team goes the extra mile to give complete protection and monitoring to the server irrespective of the mobile app hosting plan. We monitor the complete hosting server and network relentlessly so that your application runs seamlessly all the time.

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