Top 5 Use Cases Of Cloud Linux

What Are cloud Linux Servers

Cloud computing is gaining popularity these days where more and more businesses are shifting towards the cloud. Being based on virtual servers’ cloud is highly secured and lowers the cost of operations by reducing the capital expenditure.

Cloud Linux serves the best because of its secure hosting platform. To know more about its usage, you need to read the below points.

  • Overflow Processing: Big organizations have a lot of tasks that run parallel. They use the Cloud Linux to gain the potential of their existing IT resources to deliver their routine task while pushing the remaining work to the cloud.  This increases the performance of the IT resources to a great extent.
  • To deliver the Magic of graphics: You would be surprised to know but it is the truth. Cloud-based Linux server offers exceptional graphical magic which is why it is used by big production houses to render the magic of animation on the big screen. It is helpful in streamlining the processes while increasing their efficiency and reducing the cost.   
  • High-performance computing: Linux works the best for the programs that require high computations while the cloud delivers the power of the internet. Thus, stock exchanges use the Cloud Linux to get the benefits of its high speed. The ability of source-code modifications supports a speedy trading process.
  • Open-source databases: An open-source database can be downloaded for free. Developers can easily modify their codes and allow the community to use them. These databases go well with the Cloud Linux. The reason is Linux is an open-source operating system and the server has ample storage space for these databases to reside.
  • For running applications like Hadoop: Hadoop is used to store and process large data. It is open-source software that can run on Windows also but there it requires a lot of resources. Cloud Linux provides a reliable production platform to run Hadoop for development.


The big websites need proper social support and that is where Cloud Linux is used the most. Linux comes with extra-ordinary community support that keeps the website live and running in any condition. The operating systems deliver the stability required by enterprise-grade websites to remain alive amongst their customers or users.

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