Why Should You Choose Shared Hosting in 2022

What is shared hosting?
In shared hosting, multiple websites sit on one server, and resources are fewer, but the
maintenance of the server is generally upon your hosting provider. It’s a beginner plan
when you want to start new and don’t want to splurge much money at the start.
It offers the most cost-effective ways to start a website. Before buying the plans, think
about your business name and get the domain name registered. 
Reliable shared hosting provides a free domain name once you choose any hosting
plan. You can share the hosting server and customize it based on your business
requirements for starting up the business. 
Before Diving Deep Into Shared Hosting, let’s Understand What Web Hosting And
Its Process Is

What is web hosting
Web hosting is like storing your websites in a server to get accessibility from across the
globe through the internet. All the site data like images, texts, videos, codes, etc., get
stored in a server called Web Hosting Server. Website owners get accessibility and
management rights of that server through the control panel and GUIs.
What Is The Web Hosting Process?
After choosing the Web Hosting Service Provider and hosting plans, you get unique
The nameservers are the address for visiting the websites of your visitors. The better
server you choose, the better speed, security, and flexibility you get from the server.
So once a visitor looks for your website, search engines bring the site on the screen
from the server disc space. If you’re looking for a Shared Server, choose VNET India.
Pick any plans matching your nature and the needs of the business.

Tap Top Five Reasons Why You Should Choose Shared Hosting If You Are A
One-Click Application Installation
You can simply log in to your hosting account through the control panel and download
web applications of your choice with a single click. Whether it is WordPress, Magento,
PHP, or Drupal, everything gets installed instantly and safely in one click.
Intuitive Control Panel
Effortlessly choose the reliable shared hosting service to manage more than one
website/application in one place. You can easily manage your website without much
technical knowledge. And you are not forced to seek help every time from web hosting
customer care.

Instant Support
It’s your web hosting provider’s responsibility to ensure your website is available on the
internet round-the-clock. Their team works to ensure that. They are obliged to take your
calls, chat, emails, messages, and tickets and respond at the quickest turnaround time.

Easy & Fast Plan Scaling 
Your business is soaring, and your site is unable to catch up with increased traffic? With
affordable shared hosting, you can easily upgrade to a dedicated hosting service at a
low price. You can choose between VPS or dedicated hosting by simply buzzing the
customer service team of your service provider. You can also change the plan through
the control panel.
Unlimited SSD Storage
The one-size-fits-all philosophy is a myth when it comes to web servers. Look for tailor-
made hosting plans that exactly match your business needs and the unlimited space
available so you can fully rely on your business on shared hosting.

What should you expect from your hosting provider?
Free Website Builder

Building a website is an important reason for a business to choose a shared hosting
server. Your hosting provider should come with built-in site builders with free templates.
so that you can launch your website in a jiff with simple drag and use a website builder
Secure Email Access
Another feature you should look for in secured shared hosting is easy to email access.
Look out for POP3/IMAP protocol. You must get the flexibility to use email anytime,
anywhere through webmail without worrying about data privacy. 
All In One Control Panel
You should be able to easily administer your website through a web-based all-in-one
control panel from the place of your choice. With a reliable shared hosting service,
you can perform a whole range of work quickly, easily, and with reliability. Create FTP
accounts, databases, email accounts, and much more with intuitive user control. 
One-Click App Installation
You won’t have to worry about downloading multiple apps once you have our shared
hosting server. Most of the providers incorporate Softaculous, which helps in the
installation of over 400 + apps at one go. No waste of time, no waste of energy.
Fast Hosting Account Setup
Go Live in just a few hours! YES, it’s possible only with a leading shared hosting India
service. Look out for the provider who can get to work and instantly set up the hosting
account. There are plenty of web hosting providers, including us, known for delivering
cost-effective hosting with instant setup.

Free SSL Certificate
There is a heightened amount of awareness among the public regarding online safety
and data privacy. They’ve understood that visiting a site having no SSL certificate is a
risk. If you have an SSL certificate, you can use it with our hosting service. In case you
don’t have one, don’t worry. Mostly all the providers offer a free SSL certificate without
any extra cost. 

Flexibility To Choose Data Centers Of Your Choice
Get perfect data centers with the preferred location for your better business growth. It’s
important. Why? Because if you stay close to your customer, you will get the benefit of

Final words
VNET India is the most secure shared hosting service provider taking the lead from
other competitors in India. Our ultra-powerful hosting features and proactive customer
support never miss delivering more than the expectations to our clients.
We’re called one of the fastest-growing web hosting providers in India, and that’s for
some reasons. There is no match for our speed, reliability, support, flexibility, and free
service in the web hosting market. It’s always a smart decision to choose a smart web
hosting company like VNET India.

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