8 Important Points To Consider While Purchasing Best Web Hosting

Looking to start your online journey? You must need a reliable web hosting service for that. However, how will you decide the reliability of the hosting service? Surely, you need some checkpoints to consider. 

High Uptime

Uptime is the duration that shows the availability of your website for accessibility across the globe. What if, the hosting server is down? Your website will be down and you would lose hard-earned credibility, and much more. 

Always choose a fast shared hosting server with good uptime performance. Enquire about server quality, maintenance schedule, data centers location, and more to be double sure about uptime. 

Fast Speed

The server’s speed is directly proportional to your site speed. Page loading takes more time when you compromise on hosting and choose a cheap shared hosting service. Speed hampers search engine ranking and decreases conversation rate. The bounce rate of the site also increases. 

Choose only a fast shared hosting server for your business. We at VNET India provide lighting fast shared hosting server at an affordable cost for all. 

Customer Support

No matter, how best web hosting you choose, you require good customer support. Web hosting involves so many things such as SSL certification, plan up-gradation, root access, SSH access, control panel, domain, and much more.

It’s worthless to choose shared hosting plans without good tech support. Web hosting company such as VNET India provides multi-channel support via email, call, chat, ticketing, and more. You get instant and quality tech support here 24 x 7 x 365.

Pricing & Renewal Charges

Cheap shared hosting companies offer low prices for the first year, later they increase plans exponentially. Hosting is a long-term investment so never fall into the trap of pricing. Choose low price but don’t forget to check renewal charges and other hidden charges. 

Best web hosting service provider like VNET India provides transparent pricing with 10 + freebies with annual shared hosting service. You may also contact us for dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, backup solutions, email hosting, and more. 


Bandwidth is the data capacity your website requires to fulfill the requests of your site visitors. Higher the bandwidth, the higher the website performance. Look for unmetered or unlimited shared hosting services where you’re free from bandwidth worries. 


Some people mix storage and bandwidth both together, but there is little difference. Disc space is the capacity of the server to store your site texts, codes, images, videos, emails, and more. Hosting service plans with good disc storage are good. 

Not sure about the disc space requirement? Choose space based shared hosting service from VNET India. 

Data Safety

Never compromise on data safety and privacy. That a single compromise on this front might do irreparable damage to your online dreams. Hackers are on the constant lookout for cheap hosting services to target the site. 

Enquire about SSL certificates, firewall, physical security measures, data center maintenance, SSD quality, and more to remain stress-free about data safety. VNET usages security features like encryption, DDoS protection, RAID, and more for customer data safety. 

Data Backup

When we say, backup as the backbone, it’s not an exaggeration. Online space is prone to multiple major and minor physical and virtual threats. 

A shared hosting server with good backup solutions is the key to keeping your business floating for long. Leading shared hosting service providers take daily site backup through industry leader backup solution providers like Acronis, CodeGuard, R1Soft, Veeam, and more. 

VNET takes daily site backup and provides as and when asked for at minimal charges.

Bonus Tips For Selecting Reliable Hosting Service

  1. It’s quite difficult to cover everything in the top 10 points to consider while choosing shared hosting service”, so here are some extras. 
  2. Check for the maximum number of email account you can create with one hosting account. 
  3. If already have a web hosting service and looking for another reliable web hosting service, check site transfer free. VNET offers free site transfer without data loss and downtime. 
  4. Control panel accessibility is a must to do a whole range of hosting activities. Shortlist shared hosting service with easy to use control panel.
  5. Datacenter location plays a role in making your site faster. Only choose shared hosting servers with data centers nearest to your visitor’s base. 
  6. Also check for CDN availability, WordPress installation process, site builder access, domain registration free, and more before finally signing up for the deal.

Final Word

Got lost in so many checkpoints? There is one simple way out. Choose a reputed web hosting company like VNET India. The reputed web hosting company knows what’s exactly works best for clients, so they make plans highly suitable for businesses of any size, budget, and type. 

Contact us NOW and avail of the lowest price on shared hosting service with extra exciting offers. 

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