5 Mediums To Market Reseller Business 

Reseller Business

As more and more businesses find their way into the online world. The demand for web hosting plans and services is also increasing. Consequently, the Web Hosting market size which was worth $57.46 billion in 2019 is expected to reach a whopping $183.05 by 2027.

If you want to start a hosting business and generate revenue by providing best-in-class service, then a Reseller hosting business is the most lucrative option to start with.

Reseller hosting is an easy and convenient way to get into business owing to the conducive business environment it provides, as a reseller hosting provider you won’t have to invest hugely in infrastructure. 

 Even if you don’t have advanced technical knowledge, basic hosting knowledge would be enough to run a business. 

As the Web Hosting and reseller business is gaining traction, the competition among Web Hosting providers is also increasing. 

So once you have figured out your niche, Did the maths, and calculated your profit, the most challenging part arises as to how to market your business?

To survive in the fierce competition and to attract your first few customers you need to create an efficient and powerful marketing strategy in different mediums.

In this article, we will learn 5 different mediums to market your web hosting reseller business. 

Before we get into details, let’s understand what is reseller hosting 

  • What is reseller hosting
  • Why it is important to market your reseller business 
  • Mediums to market your reseller business 
  • Start With Blogging 
  • YouTube 
  • Email Newsletter For Better Reach
  • Social Media 
  • Google AdWords

What Is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller hosting is a business model in which the parent company allows a third party or another individual or business to sell its web hosting services to many of its customers.

Here, the reseller won’t have to build a hardware infrastructure or spend heavily on security or management. 

The parent company itself takes care of the space and technical issues, while the reseller can reshape the business in the form of operation, management, and support.

Why Is It Important to Market Reseller Business?

When you start your reseller business, the first thing you register is that the Web Hosting industry is packed with competitors.

Whether you contest with parent web hosting companies or with other reseller providers it is important to have an effective marketing strategy in place in order to strive In such cutthroat competition.

The first step of the marketing strategy involves an in-depth analysis of prospects and potential clients. You need to create the buyer’s persona in mind, which involves different audience stages, needs want, and pain points.

Once a prospect profile is generated the next step is to create content on different platforms, website generation, and social media engagement, manage ads, and search engine optimization.

5 Mediums To Market Your Reseller Business 

When you start marketing your reseller business, it is always better to turn to multiple mediums.   

Let’s dig into the 5 effective mediums that can help you advertise your business.

1. Start With Blogs

Publishing a blog is the first step in your marketing journey. But, merely writing a blog won’t help. your customer should love your content. 

But they would fall in love with your content only when you provide value to them when you solve their problems.

Here are a few steps to create a blog that not only promotes your business but also provides a solution to your prospects and converts those prospects into potential clients.

  • Set the objective of the blog
  • Know your audience 
  • Create a buyer’s persona
  • Understand the pain points of the audience 
  • Write informative and problem-solving content 
  • Create appealing visuals and append videos 
  • Create informative links 
  • Promote your blog on social media 
  • Monitor your blog’s performance 

2. YouTube 

People like watching more than reading. It’s a fact that people check the social media accounts of businesses before buying their products and services. 

As a reseller hosting provider, you should provide meaningful content to your audience in the form of educational, informative, problem-solving, and knowledge-based content by categorizing your audience into different segments.

Here are a few tips to ensure that your content is seen by the right audience.

  • Create a high-quality video by providing the helpful and informative content 
  • Be consistent with your videos 
  • Engage with your audience by replying to their comments
  • Add subtitles, descriptions, tags and playlists to increase the view

3. Newsletter For Better Reach

You are already doing great with your blogs and YouTube videos, now it’s time to put them into another marketing campaign with the newsletter. Choose the right newsletter software that works for you, write a catchy subject line, compile an attention-grabbing caption and there you go, hit the send button. 

Here are some tips to make your newsletter journey more effective to reach your target audience.

  • Segment your prospects and audience list according to their needs and profile
  • Ensure that your newsletter is mobile friendly 
  • Don’t forget to add images to the newsletter.

4. Social Media 

A user spends nearly two hours on social media every day, and those two hours are a crucial opportunity for you to win your audience’s heart.


While you have spent time and effort on your business website, you should not forget social media like Facebook, as it plays a big role in generating leads and growing the customer base for your reseller business plans  

  • Follow the few tips to increase your audience in 
  • Optimize your FB page to give maximum information to your audience about your reseller business
  • Link your page to your website 
  • Post video content and post content when they are online 
  • Use hashtags
  • Add Facebook stories 


Use LinkedIn effectively to advertise your web hosting reseller business, that being said never keep your profile incomplete. Complete and optimized profiles create more authenticity. Regularly post content in the form of carousels, valuable and informative content to increase the visibility of your business.


Instagram is a great medium to market your business owing to the many benefits it comes with. You can improve your brand presence by running paid ads. You can also view the analytics of the views and activities of your business account.

5. Google AdWords 

Google AdWords is another way to bring your business to the top, but it’s a little expensive for those who have just started their reseller business. If you are ready to spend a bit of money to reap great benefits, Google AdWords is the best ROI.

Final Words 

Reseller Hosting is a lucrative business if you want to start a business in the web hosting industry. While you start the online journey for your business, we suggest you start activities on all the above platforms.

As not all prospects and clients are inclined to use all the platforms, some are active on Instagram while others are more active on LinkedIn.

Moreover, Implement the all-marketing plan mentioned above and enjoy the maximum customer reach, give them the best services and reap the benefit of your Reseller hosting business.

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